Welcome to Hartsville!

Hartsville is an unusual treasure – a place of culture, character and opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Welcome to Hartsville, South Carolina!

Our community is a unique gem, brimming with culture, character, and opportunities for both residents and visitors. Our commitment to a high quality of life is evident everywhere:

in our smiles, our theaters, and the exhibits at the Hartsville Museum…you can hear it in the crack of a bat at Byerly Park, or the gentle hum of crickets on a stroll through Coker University’s Kalmia Gardens, or the laughter in the splashing waters of Neptune Island…you can taste it in our restaurants and discover it in the unexpected delights of our shops. As you drive down Fifth Street at dusk, watching the sun set over Prestwood Lake, you’ll feel that passion. Whether you’re here for a day or a lifetime, Hartsville has something special for you. Take a moment to explore what we offer, and enjoy your stay!

For more information about our city, visit The Key to Your Hartsville Visitors Center, located at 147 West Carolina Avenue.


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