Hannah Rose Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist + Yoga Therapist

Hannah Rose in anjali mudra pose amongst wildflowers.

Hannah Rose is a licensed massage therapist operating out of Our Sacred Space yoga studio in Black Creek Arts Center. She is also a yoga instructor. She serves clients in Hartsville, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.



45 mins • Price varies

Available in 45-minute sessions, this modality stems from the ancient Chinese meridian philosophy of massage therapy. Reflexology massage focuses on pressure points in the face, head, hands, and feet. The client is able to remain fully clothed and leaves feeling refreshed and centered.

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

60-90 minutes • $75-$110

The meltiest massage on the menu, this holistic experience aims to sooth the nervous system, mind and body through intentional touch. Calming, focused strokes are applied to the entire body, detoxifying the lymphatic and muscular systems. Aromatherapy, cupping and hot stones are incorporated into each session as needed.

Integrative Reflexology®

45 minutes • $50

Integrative Reflexology® is a foot, hand, face and ear reflexology training that is a modality of massage and bodywork therapies. The therapy works with the meridians as energy pathways that begin and end on your fingers and toes. By stimulating the proprioceptors on the bottom of your feet to increase the stimulation of the nerve endings, a calming effect takes place in your whole body.

Chakra Healing

Pricing varies

According to yogic philosophy, there are seven energy centers of the body (or chakras) that become blocked because of stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. A chakra healing session diagnoses and releases these blockages to give the individual a deep feeling of relaxation, joy and well-being. The session includes a chakra reading, chakra balancing and emotional release to bring harmony back to the chakra system.


One-on-one Private Yoga Lesson

60 minutes • $50

This hour of 100% specialized yoga asana, breathing and meditation is customized to meet your specific physical/emotional needs. Student and teacher work together to focus and sculpt alignment and breathing through cultivating presence. This is a great investment or gift for someone who is a brand new practitioner, healing from injury or is desiring to deepen their practice.

Group Private Yoga Lesson

60 minutes • $75

Whether it be for a girls night out, date night or a ‘staycation’, group lessons are icing on the cake for you and your friends/family. These classes are intended to incorporate poses that fulfill everyone’s body needs, leaving you feeling refreshed, anchored and more centered. Option to come to the studio or host in your home at four students maximum.


License No. 11379.