Wash Tub

Self-serve and full-service laundry options

Self-Serve Laundry

Choose from over 60 washers ranging from top-load to front-load styles in varying capacities. Front-load styles are available in 18, 35, and 50-pound capacities and allow for a much cleaner wash with multiple wash/rinse options. Or, choose the top load style if that is what you are comfortable with.

With over 50 dryers you should always have a dryer for your use.  Choose from the standard commercial dryer to the large 50-pound capacity. If you need assistance, an attendant is there for your convenience.

Wash, Dry & Fold Service

If you don’t have time, drop your laundry with our attendant and we will be glad to wash, dry, and fold it for you.  We follow care labels unless you have special instructions for us.

Comforters, rugs, pillows as well as general clothing.  We can do it all! Pricing is by the pound for general clothing and by item for comforters, rugs, and pillows.

Business Hours

Su-Sa: 7a-9p

Next-day Laundry Service
Mo-Fr: 7a-12p, 7p-9p
Sa, Su: 7a-9p